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Safety Protocols, Procedures and Prevention

  • All students and staff must wear masks throughout the day, inside and outdoors. Mask breaks in designated areas are also permitted.

  • Classrooms are at capacity to meet the 3 feet social distancing mandate. Student seats are 3+ feet apart. At lunch students will either eat in the classroom or outside.

  • Hand washing and hand sanitizing are still common practices at the school. Each room is equipped with hand sanitizer and cleaning products to wipe down the classroom. 

  • COVID Testing will take place every two weeks. As of now, only 20% of the students will be tested each time.

  • Our amazing custodial staff routinely wipes down door handles, railing, and other surfaces that students touch during the day. Each night they clean each room, spraying the surfaces with an electrostatic cleaning device.

  • Please continue to stay home if your child is not feeling well.

  • Any adults coming into the building need to provide proof of vaccination before entering the building. This can take the form of any of the following:

  1. a proof of vaccination card issued by the vaccination center 

  2. a photo of your vaccination card

  3. NY State Excelsior Pass

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