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 Welcome to  the Ella Baker School 

A Message from Our Principal

Here at Ella Baker, we strive to provide an education to support both the academic mind of inquiry in math, social studies, science, humanities, and activism and to illustrate our community values of compassion, empathy, and inclusion.

Each staff member's pursuit, in the words of Pat Carini, is to "make the child visible as a unique person who is trying to make sense of the world."  The intent of our work is to "use the child's interests and values to create harmony in the child's school life."

And this school is for you. This school was built with you in mind. In the original resolution for the school 20 years ago, it is stated, "This school offers parents a unique opportunity to be actively involved in their child's education and enables them to feel better about the quality of parenting they are able to provide their children." So get involved.  Be a part of the community. We are glad to have you here.  

Joshua Satin, Principal 

The Ella Baker School Video

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